How we Ship our Items to you:

Our flat rate fee of $12.00 makes sense for you and us. It allows us to cover our shipping and handling fees better than “free shipping” which must be otherwise added into price, and gives you a discount for ordering multiple items.

While we can only ship to the United States, check Amazon. We often can ship overseas for much cheaper than you could get in your own country. We recently shipped a Reach RS+ to Indonesia for $17.84, Costa Rica for $19.66, and and to Cyprus for $22.03, which is less than retail shipping within the USA.

Our standard shipping should be received in 3-5 daysr. We also offer EXPEDITED shipping, usually by USPS Priority Mail, which should be received 2-3 days after order is placed. See the product listing for “Expedited Shipping Option” which gives details.

Unfortunately, by PayPal rules, we can only ship to a PayPal confirmed address in most cases, and will require a signature release for most orders over $500. That’s PayPal rules, but carriers often have “signature release” and other methods to allow a delivery person to leave it with written permission.

Delivery Loss:

PayPal policy requires signature confirmation for any item over $500.00 value, but often you can arrange a signature release with shipper if you can’t be available. We can’t be responsible for any loss after it is delivered to your shipping address, so we strongly recommend you make arrangements to be there, or arrange to pick up at shipper’s office. Each shipper has their own policy on if they will leave packages at different addresses or leave with a neighbor, so you may want to check with the postal service or UPS to find their policy. Most often, if nobody is at the delivery address, they will keep the item at the post office, UPS office, or Fed-Ex office for you to pick it up when you’re available.