We Want You to be Happy with your Purchase:

We want you to be happy with your purchase, and have a very straightforward return policy on almost all of our products.

If an item is defective, just notify us within 30 days, and we’ll replace it ASAP.  We’ll even pay you for return shipping.

If it’s not defective, you may return it within 14 days in perfect resellable condition, and we will refund your money, minus what we paid for shipping. If anything is missing or damaged, we may be able to take a return, but will need to charge for restoration.

For some newly developed items which may have some initial “bugs” in certain features or functions, such as the new Reach RS2 Receiver, we have a “Special Development/Industrial Product Return Policy” described below. Any product meeting this “Special” return policy will have that clearly listed in the product descriptions.

Special Development/Industrial Product Return Policy:

For some newly released and highly technical products, just out of the development stage, there are almost always minor software issues that become apparent over the first couple months. A certain amount of technical expertise is almost always needed by new users to solve problems and create work-arounds as software updates and bug fixes become available. Usually these early problems or “bugs” are in uncommonly needed or “optional” features, and there are usually “work-around” procedures to get the functionality needed.

Because of our extremely low markup, and our experience with some customers who purchase our products just to “try it out” and return in unsellable state, we must have a modified return policy where the buyer of such new products must do their own research by reading buyer reviews and “online forums” to determine if the product will meet their needs. These buyers must determine for themselves if they are willing to be an early purchaser (in effect a “beta tester”) and devote some extra time into problem solving while awaiting software updates to fix issues. Therefore our usual “no-questions-asked” return policy will be replaced by the following policy for such new products.

  1. If an item has a clear physical or hardware defect (such as will not power on, or does not perform core functions which are reported as working by other users) then item is agreed to be defective, and may be returned or replaced for a full refund, including any return costs. But you must email our support team (support@mntprods.com) to discuss your problem and verify that the problem is outside of usual software bugs, and is truly defective as defined above. This is a very rare occurrence.
  2. If an item is not defective as described above, but you do not want it for any other reason, it still may be returned it within 30 days, in excellent resellable condition, with all packing and parts, and buyer will be refunded the purchase price minus a 20% restock fee. Buyer will be responsible for shipping costs both ways. This restock fee helps cover our expenses in examination, testing, and then reselling it at a discount as a no longer new, but “perfectly functional” open-box product.
  3. If an item is returned with customer damage (other than caused by usual careful opening of packages) or missing parts, we will be unable to accept it back. Sometimes, for small and insignificant missing parts, like stickers, we may be able to replace them and deduct their value from the refund.

We understand that the above policy will not be acceptable to everyone. Some buyers are eager to purchase an innovative product which has no similarly priced alternatives, based on past reputation or experience with a manufacturer, or reports from other users. Other buyers will not accept the possibility of problems with a newly released products lacking “real world testing.” We urge those to not to purchase the product yet, but await customer feedback and reviews, available online, such as on the Emlid Forum. We anticipate special return restrictions will be removed from most new products after 1-2 months of real-world use.

MTP Return Policy 7/11/2019