Reach RS+ Survey Adapter

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Emlid Reach RS+ Survey Adapter

A Genuine Emlid Product.  One comes with each RS+ Receiver, but have an extra one on hand for that important remote locating job.

(Alternatively consider the “Generic Survey Adapter” or the “Large Survey Adapter” which is big enough to fit directly on a Survey Tripod without a tribrach and tribrach adapter.) 

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This is the genuine Emlid Reach RS+ Survey adapter.

With a 5/8 inch diameter, 11-thread per inch hole in the bottom, and a 1/4 inch diameter, 20-thread per inch screw on top, it allows you to attach the Reach RS+ to a standard survey pole, and many other surveying attachments.

While one of these comes with every Reach RS+ receiver, it’s easy to misplace, or lose in the field.  And without it, a whole day of locating could be lost.  We recommend you order two extras, and keep them in your supply box, just for emergencies.

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