Reach RS/RS+ Battery Pack


This is an OEM replacement battery pack for the Emlid RS and RS+ GNSS receivers WHICH YOU SHOULD NOT NEED (see below) in case your battery is not correctly functioning.

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First of all, you should not need this……the standard Emlid Reach RS+ Battery should really last about 5 years of regular use, and shouldn’t fail prematurely.  LiFePO4 batteries are great that way.  If your battery seems bad, especially after you accidentally over-discharged it, stop beating yourself up.  It’s probably not your fault.  The Emlid circuitry should have prevented you from being able to over-discharge it.  If battery went bad, there may be a problem with your receiver. EMAIL your problem description, and serial number, to your Emlid Dealer, or if you bought directly from Emlid store.  Emlid has acknowledged that some RS+ receivers of certain serial numbers were defective, and allowed over-discharge of batteries, and will replace your unit if affected. You should talk to Emlid first, otherwise, if you just install a new battery, it’s also likely to die a premature death, and you’ll deplete our supply (which we really don’t want to do, as we only have a handful.)

But if you do truly feel you need a replacement battery, order this, it’s easy to replace with the proper torx screwdriver.

These are made by the original Chinese factory which produced the original EMLID RS+ battery packs, to the same specifications, but there are no EMLID branding on the products, as they are not directly from EMLID.

If these are sold out… (they almost are as of 4/28/2022) don’t panic. They are fairly simple to make up, if you get one of those battery spot welders, like they have on amazon right here… or one of the cheaper ones (they’re around $45 as of now) and you just buy three generic LiFePO4 battery cells (search for 26650’s, it’s the correct size) and you can recycle your old wire connector, and you’ll be all set. You can often get the LiFePO4 26650 cells for as little as $4 each on the internet. So, rather than buying the factory made one from us, you can probably make two up for the same price, and own a mini spot welder as a bonus!

We’ve sold these over the years for various prices, but we increased the price of the last one to encourage people to just make up their own. Call it “tough love” or “price gouging” — take your pick.

Did we mention you should not need this battery?  If you order one, you just might get a phone call from us to make sure you really want it.