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Expedited Delivery

2-3 day delivery by priority mail in USA, if order received by 10:00 am Central Time.  Covers any accessories and one Receiver.  Order twice for 2 receivers.

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Are you in a hurry to get your delivery?   Pay a little more for guaranteed fast delivery.

Most of our products should be received anywhere in the USA in 3-5 days for the $12 flat rate shipping fee.  But because of repeat requests, we’re offering an “Expedited Shipping” option.  For a small $11 extra charge, we will get your package to that afternoon, and sent “Priority Mail” which should be received within 2-3 days anywhere in the USA (see below map) for orders placed before 10:00 am CST.  If it’s not delivered within 3 days, we will refund your $11 expedited fee, and you’ll only pay the standard $12.00 flat rate fee.

Fine Print:  This extra fee is for one order containing any number of accessories and zero or one receivers.  If you are ordering two receivers, or the “Survey Kit” you must order quantity of “two” of this expedited shipping, or one will go expedited, and any other receiver(s) will go by our standard shipping.  This extra fee is in addition to the $12.00 flat shipping fee, so in total, you will pay $23.00 for a package with one receiver (and any other parts/accessories) and $34.00 for an order of two receivers (and any other parts/accessories.)  For an example of delivery day count, if an order is received before 10:00 am CST on Monday, it should be delivered by Wednesday or Thursday.  If it is delivered later, you will get the $11 Expedited fee refunded, and only pay the usual $12.00 flat rate delivery fee.  Keep in mind if the post office attempts delivery and cannot because there is nobody to sign, that attempted delivery date counts within the 3-day deadline.

Like always, tracking numbers will be sent to you by email as soon as we have them.

We are just offering this on a trial basis to see how well it works.  We may need to adjust these terms and conditions as time goes on and we may have to temporarily suspend expedited service during busy times, or around holidays.  But if this “product” is listed as in stock, the service is available.

Click on the below map for a real-time zoomable map which will tell you if you’re in 1, 2, or 3-day region.

Click on this Map for a Zoomable Map, which will show estimated delivery time throughout the USA.

Email us at sales@mntprods.com if questions about this optional service.