Emlid Reach RS2 Receiver (Last One)


The Emlid Reach RS2

The next generation in the evolution of GNSS Positioning. This multi-frequency GNSS receiver promises markedly reduced time to get your high-quality FIX position, and the ability to keep that FIX position in more challenging locations, like near buildings, or near trees.


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The Emlid Reach RS2:  One of World’s most advanced GNSS receivers at any Price.

The RS2 stretches the groundbreaking innovations of the RS+ to the next level.  The biggest new feature is multiple frequency reception.  Instead of just receiving the L1 signals from the Satellites, it receives both L1 and L2 signals.  Since atmospheric propagation variations which affect accuracy are frequency dependent, having two frequencies allows their difference in propagation to be measured, and the distance estimate is markedly improved.  It’s not just that we have double the information to get a position FIX, but the multiple frequencies make the time to Fix solution, as well as the robustness of the solution, markedly better.

Instead of the 4-10 minute initialization times that single frequency GNSS receivers require to get a high-accuracy FIX solution, we’ve heard preliminary reports of 15-30 second initialization times with the RS2.

But in addition to the fast Fix solution, the position lock is much more “robust” with less position loss around trees or near buildings.

The Reach RS2 also has a built-in 3G modem, so it can potentially connect directly to the cell networks, allowing the built in NTRIP server to connect to your VRS/CORS server without any other network.  It’s true some users won’t find this necessary, as they will use the RS2 in conjunction with their cell phone as a controller, but it adds to flexibility.  The RS2 can also then potentially transmit unaided to a SNIP server, to broadcast your corrections to many other users.

Special Return Policy for this Product:

Please note that this is a newly released product, and like all new and innovative high-tech products, we expect there will be minor software issues affecting some features, especially over the first month of release.  This is standard for any complex cutting-edge system.  Often minor workarounds and software updates are needed over the first month or so.  An early purchaser of such a new product must be willing to be almost a “beta user” and willing to do some problem solving, perform some “work-arounds” when a feature isn’t working as expected, be willing to be give feedback, and downloading frequent software updates as the functionality is improved.  If a user is not willing to do so, we strongly encourage you to wait 1-2 months to see the online reviews and issue reports.  These will be available on the Emlid Forum or other sites.  We are replacing our usual “no questions asked” return policy, with a new Special Development/Industrial Product Return Policy which will usually be in effect for the first month or two after release.  This return policy is not for everyone, and if it doesn’t sound good to you, please wait a month or two before purchasing.