Emlid Reach RS+ Survey Kit


The Reach RS+ Survey kit is simply two Receivers, as one package deal.

While the price isn’t too far different than buying two receivers separately, this is still the lowest price you find from any authorized dealer.

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Buy Two Reach RS+ Receivers for a full stand-alone RTK System

This is two of the Emlid Reach RS+ GNSS Receivers at one discounted price.

By getting two kits, one receiver can act as a a Rover, and the other a Base, to form a full self-contained RTK system.  They can communicate correction information via the built-in LoRa radio, without needing a state run CORS network, or even a cell phone signal.

While the current price is not far from two individual receivers, this is still the best price you’ll find anywhere from an authorized distributor.

Please Note:  Depending on stock availability on nearby distribution warehouses, this may be shipped in two different shipments. It may be as much as 4-5 delivery days for delivery, depending on the nearest warehouses where stock is available.  If this is concerning to you, please email us at sales@mntprods.com and we can look into current shipping times before we ship, to make sure the timing works for you.