Emlid Reach RS+ GNSS Receiver. (Missing Box)

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Emlid Reach RS+ GNSS Receiver – Missing Box:

We’re not sure what happened to the box.  We shipped this to Amazon for sale, and a month later they said it was damaged in transit, and returned it without the standard cardboard box.  It still has the inner padded black case, and in all other ways seems perfect.  We suspect it fell in the mud or something, and the box wasn’t salvageable, but the plastic inner bag is waterproof, and the receiver has been tested out to make sure it functions in all respects, picks up a good satellite signal from all constellations, and gets an RTK fix either from another base via LoRa, or from the NTRIP and Wifi input.  We then reflashed it with the most recent firmware (v2.18.1) and did one more checkout to make sure the flash worked (and which will eliminate the mandatory first-turn-on-update as you’re trying to get it initialized.  We stand behind this working as it should with our standard return policy.  Remember:  It still contains everything pictured, including the black padded case.  Just missing the brown cardboard box.

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Discover the Emlid Reach RS+ GNSS Receiver (Missing outer Cardboard Box)

The EMLID Reach RS+ is a high precision RTK receiver using GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS satellites to allow positioning with centimeter level precision. While standard GPS receivers in automobiles and cell phones, have 3-5 meter accuracy, the Reach RS+ can receive correction data from various sources to compensate for atmospheric propagation errors. These corrections can be from a public correction network (free in many states) or another RTK receiver. The Reach RS+ has built-in WIFI, bluetooth, serial, and LoRa radio with up to 8 km range to receive correction information or transmit position coordinates.

The Reach RS+ Receiver can be used several ways:

1) Stand alone (but accuracy no better than cell phone GPS.)
2) Utilizing cell-phone internet “NTRIP” corrections from free CORS networks.
3) With a second Reach RS+ receiver to act as a base station supplying corrections (base/rover configuration).
4) With other RTK Receivers to act as a base station and supply correction data.
5) In Post Processing Mode, where raw data is saved to device, and post-processed later (good when cell signals or base station not available.)

The Reach RS+ is a single frequency GNSS receiver, which will have longer initialization times and more difficulty in poor locations than dual-frequency receivers. Instead of 15-30 second initialization times, it will usually take several minutes to get a FIX. It also requires outdoor use with clear sky view, and doesn’t work well under dense foliage or in “urban canyons.”

If you do not have free state supplied real time corrections (a free CORS network) and you don’t want to do post-processing, you may want to buy two receivers, one to act as base, and one as a rover, for centimeter level accuracy.

For more information, visit EMLID.COM or view the many EMLID Reach RS+ youtube tutorials.