Emlid Reach RS+ and RS2 Data/Power Cable (without second connector)


Genuine Emlid Reach RS+ and RS2 data/power cable.

2 meter length, without an additional connector on the other end, so could be wired up to any DB9 or other connector or equipment.  This allows you to send or receive serial data to receiver, and apply, or obtain, power.  This is a new version, which makes it work on both the RS+ and the RS2 (where the cable attaches inside a recess, and the “loop-pull” assists in removal.)

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This is the genuine data/power cable for an RS+ and RS2.  It contains a quality “lemo like” push/pull connector which securely latches, and allows you to supply RS-232 serial data to the receiver, or allows the receiver to send RS-232 serial data to your equipment.  It also allows power input from an external source which will power the receiver (wide input voltage range) and charge the internal battery, and a regulated 5 volt power signal can be drawn off.

The Reach RS+ has the additional functionality that it can be set up to “automatically power up” when power is supplied through this cable.  This is useful for tractors or other equipment, where we want the entire system to power up when the tractor or other device is turned on.  Unfortunately, as far as I have heard, when external power is removed, the RS+ will stay on, and needs to be manually powered off by the switch.  Or, alternatively, the RS+ could be left on, to drain it’s own battery in 30 +/- hours, but I suspect daily use like that may be hard on the LiFePO battery pack.  Possibly, the built-in LiFePO battery pack could be replaced by a large value capacitor, which would instantly charge up when power is applied, yet drain to zero fairly quickly when external power is removed.  (Just a thought.)

Rather than try to stock all three varieties, we are supplying the cable with bare end, and a DB9 male or female connector can easily be added.  But this “open-ended” cable has the advantage that all the lines are available.  The variants with a single cable only allow access to the serial data pins and ground, not the power pins.

Alternatively, we may stock the “female” version later.  This is the most commonly required gender, and can be cut-off easily if a bare end is needed.  That would cover 2 out of 3 needs, and only the rare “male” end users would have to be attach their own connector.

Note:  This does look different than the cable on the Emlid Web Site.  This new version of the cable has a pull loop, which allows you to unlatch it by pulling on this loop, instead of the outer sleeve, which is difficult if it’s deep inside a hole, which is needed for the Emlid Reach RS2.  So this new cable design will work for the Emlid Reach RS+ and the RS2.  While it doesn’t match the picture on the Emlid web site, we assure you, this is the currently shipping Emlid product.