How to Pay for our Products:

We offer a number of ways to pay online.

  1. PayPal is a great safe way to pay if you have a PayPal account, or even if you don’t. You could sign on as a guest and not even make up a PayPal account. PayPal will direct you to their web site to enter payment information with credit cards and even ACH eCheck payment, although eChecks take several days to clear. PayPal, for both seller’s and buyer’s protections, have certain restrictions, such as shipment must be to a “confirmed address” and requires “signature release” to protect against loss for both buyer and seller..
  2. Credit Cards via Braintree (a Division of PayPal) allows you to enter a credit card directly, without PayPal.
  3. USPS Money Orders: You can pay directly by United States Postal Service Money Order, and mail it to us after ordering. This removes some restrictions on shipping, as we can then mail your purchase to any USA address, even one that doesn’t match your credit card address. And we can remove the “signature required” on delivery, although we do recommend that. You still get USPS tracking, and you are responsible to get it safely after delivery to your address. We do recommend you require a “signature required” delivery, or make sure someone is there when the mailman comes. The downside of money orders is that it will take a few days for you to send the money order to us by First class mail, but we will box your item, so it’s ready to be shipped as soon as the check arrives.
  4. Corporate/University Checks: Because of antiquated banking systems in the US, an out of state check can take up to 2 weeks after deposit to be returned for insufficient funds. Therefore, we can only accept checks from certain universities and large corporations without an excessive waiting period. Please email us or phone us as we must pre-approve if you want to pay by check.

Keep in mind that we never store any banking, credit card, or other financial information on our web site. We only keep the minimal information needed to process your order, such as name, phone number, address, and email. And those pieces of information are NEVER shared with anyone, as per our privacy policy.