We want to hear from you, but some ways may be better than others.....

For technical questions about a product, email to support@mntprods.com

For questions about placing an order, or an already placed order, email to sales@mntprods.com

For inquiries about manufacturer services for your product, email to tejones@mntprods.com

We wish we had more time to talk on the phone, but there's only so many hours in the day...

We love talking about technical issues and how to set up RTK systems, but we've lately been inundated with so many phone calls for general inquiries that we've found our customers with urgent questions about ordering or shipping are getting thrown to our voicemail.  We love to help people, but since we seem to be the only Emlid dealer who's willing to talk technical details on the phone, we find we've been giving hours of free telchnical support for the other dealers who won't do phone support (and some of these don't have to pay the 25% tariff.

In order to leave phone open to urgent customer support, we ask that general technical inquiries such as "How does the Reach RS+ work?" or "Will the Reach RS+ work for my task?" be sent to email support.  Even better, for most technical questions about the Reach Receivers the Emlid Forum is an excellent place to ask your question.  That forum is followed and read by many Emlid engineers who designed that product, and read by hundreds of enthusiastic users from all over the world who help each other with answers.

We're currently about 1/2 - 1 day behind for most technical question emails, so please be patient, and consider watching the many youtube videos by Emlid, or the above forum for basic answers to how RTK works, and other technical questions.

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