Our Vision:

Our goal has been finding solutions to real world problems.  We've worked on many projects designing analog and digital interfaces to computer systems, or designing prototypes and proof-of-concept test beds for new designs.  But often the most cost and time effective solution is to find existing products which can be used in innovative ways never envisioned.

Our design roots go back to the TTL integrated circuit design from the late 70's, and the early single chip microcomputers of the 80's.  Today's engineers have much more high power computing and extremely robust data communications protocols, but there are still challenges on finding new solutions to a ready to manufacture deployment.

Our expertise lies in integrating some of the very high-performance computer systems with physical parameter sensors and modern graphical interface to do things that couldn't even be imagined 10 years ago.  Advancing commonly used tools or instruments and making them several orders of magnitude more powerful and affordable is what excites us.

Today we work mostly as a "skunk-works" developer, behind the scenes, to advance products to the next generation.

Next Steps...

While we're not currently soliciting new partners or projects, we're always excited to speak to like-minded innovators and engineers.  If you have a engineering or logistical need, and are familiar with our past work, we're happy to talk and give advice.