Our Vision:

As the internet continues to uproot many large "Brick and Mortar" stores, there's another evolution from the simple individual company internet store as the large eCommerce sites are making it easier and faster to get products advertised and delivered with just a few clicks.

We at formed MTP after several successful ventures helping overseas companies market and distribute their products in the United States.  We started with set fee contract work, but now do a mixture of traditional consulting and percentage based distribution, depending on what a manufacturer needs in their particular situation.


Our Story

We've worked in various science and technology industries since the mid 1980's.  That was a time when manufacturers needed "Regional Sales Offices" and "Distributor Networks" to support and market a product throughout the country.

In the 1990's the Web changed everything.  Technical data available on the internet made sales engineers almost obsolete  Making your product known to consumers suddenly was just a "google search" away.  Then eBay, which initially was formed for selling used merchandise added a "Buy It Now" price making mass sales of new products feasible.  At the same time, Amazon diversified from books to selling almost anything.  It became clear that searching eBay or Amazon was much easier and time effective than searching for individual company websites.

But as the portion of internet sales goes up for consumers and industries, there are some major challenges which are affecting overseas manufacturers more than ever.  How do you return a purchase overseas when the return cost is more than the original purchase?  And how can a manufacturer survive with today's "no questions asked" return policies.  That small return rate can destroy margins.

We support a number of overseas manufacturers in different ways.  We can manage their importing and distribution, often anonymously.  And we can manage returns and product troubleshooting.  We don't try to provide a "one-size-fits-all" answer for every company, and can provide support services which make sense for your company.  We can be your stateside partner to make your product successful in American markets.

Next Steps...

If you have been contacted by us, we likely already have ideas on how we can help you bring your product to American markets.  Let's talk.