We're bringing Great Products, from around the world to American Users:

We strive to find those "hard to source" products that are increasingly needed in the high-tech, metrology, and surveying industries, and distribute them at great prices.  We proudly distribute several quality products from overseas and from smaller domestic manufacturers.

As a long-time buyer of products from overseas, we learned how difficult tariffs, brokerage fees, and unexpected delays can be.  When people need a product, they usually need it now, not in 2 weeks.  American consumers don't want to deal with poor support, unexpected expenses, and quality issues when the costs of return shipping often costs more than the value of the product.

We aim to make the transaction, shipping, and support easy, with fast shipping, no-effort returns.  And on some of our products, we even provide factory authorized repair services with express turn-around for routine repairs or maintenance.


We Support Companies with Innovative Products:



While MTP no longer distributes the EMLID products, we continue to work with our past partners to solve problems in support and integration.  To purchase of the EMLID products, we recommend buying directly from EMLID.COM or the ROBOTSHOP.COM, their largest distributor in North America.


Invisible Partners:

We have found that we are often most effective as an "invisible" partner for overseas manufacturers, and supply our expertise in "Americanizing" documentation (fixing small language problems which repel buyers)  and helping to coordinate with North American Distribution channels.  We can be totally invisible, but set up distribution and return sites.

We offer Electronic Solutions to solve Real-World Problems

Our main business since inception has been solving problems in the areas of consumer and industrial electronic design.  We can put together cost-effective solutions in consumer products, industrial data acquisition, and industrial control.

As of this time, we're not seeking new partners and taking new assignments, but always free to talk to past and current partners, or even help with brainstorming on how to get your idea off the ground.