Our Passion is for Innovating new Tools, which combine precision sensors, high-speed processors, and graphical interfaces, in new ways to fundamentally change understanding of the world around us.

We're driven by creating that "Wow Factor" when a instrument is so creative that it truly changes our understanding and inspires further discovery.  By combining high tech sensors, with telemetry, high performance processors, and graphical displays, a whole new degree of exploration and understanding is possible.


Educating the next generations of "Makers" and Engineers is a Priority

We believe inspiring students and experimenters to being the next scientists and engineers is vital.  We're interested in supporting students through internships, assistance with their thesis or projects, and can often donate equipment and resources for educational endeavors.

We also support companies with innovative products, helping them compete in American markets:

In addition to our own electronic designs, we have discovered many overseas companies who's products have really been game-changers in their field, and we have supported them to help our clients, and promote their products in North America markets.



While MTP no longer distributes EMLID products, we continue to work with our past partners to solve problems in support and integration into equipment.  To purchase EMLID products, we recommend buying directly from EMLID.COM or the ROBOTSHOP.COM, their largest distributor in North America.


Invisible Partners:

We have experience as acting behind the scenes as an "invisible" partner for developers and manufacturers overseas.  We can help with product development, debugging and testing, and "Americanizing documentation" and coordination with North American distribution channels.

We offer Electronic Solutions to solve Real-World Problems

Our main business since inception has been solving problems in the areas of consumer and industrial electronic design.  We can put together cost-effective solutions in consumer products, industrial data acquisition, and industrial control.

At this time, we're not accepting new assignments or partnerships, but we always like hearing like-minded developers and enjoy brainstorming how to get an idea off the ground.