We're bringing Great Products, from around the world to American Users:

We strive to find those "hard to source" products that are increasingly needed in the high-tech, metrology, and surveying industries, and distribute them at great prices.  We proudly distribute several quality products from overseas and from smaller domestic manufacturers.

As a long-time buyer of products from overseas, we learned how difficult tariffs, brokerage fees, and unexpected delays can be.  When people need a product, they usually need it now, not in 2 weeks.  American consumers don't want to deal with poor support, unexpected expenses, and quality issues when the costs of return shipping often costs more than the value of the product.

We aim to make the transaction, shipping, and support easy, with fast shipping, no-effort returns.  And on some of our products, we even provide factory authorized repair services with express turn-around for routine repairs or maintenance.


Here are the Major Brands we Distribute For:



South Surveying and Mapping Instrument Co., LTD. is the largest manufacturer of surveying equipment, both traditional, and GNSS/RTK in China.  With over 3000 employees, and 5 affiliated factories located in Beijing, Wuhan, Changzhou and Guangzho, China, they are a worldwide leader of high quality survey equipment worldwide.  MTP is proud to provide their products to American users.



EMLID caught the survey-grade GNSS market off guard when it announced the "Reach RS" in January 2017.  Now after several improvements in hardware and software, this All-in-one high-accuracy positioning system is the easiest way to get centimeter level accuracy via rover/base pairs, or with state-run CORS providers.   Minn Tech Products is proud to market and support their products in the United States.


Invisible Partners:

But we may be most effective as an "invisible" partner.  We can stay in the background, "Americanizing" documentation (fixing small language problems which repel buyers)  and by giving an American agent to facilitate shipments, fulfillment of orders, and manage returns.  We can help make your product much more attractive to customers in the United States, while being totally invisible to your customers.  All marketing will be under your brand name, we just act as your nameless agent.

Are you a Manufacturer Who's been Contacted by Us?

If you've received inquiries from us about dealership relationships, it's because we feel your product or product line has a lot of demand for American consumers, but barriers exist to purchase.  We can simply distribution, and offer the modern performance and support to consumers that they expect.

We only reach out to companies regarding products we have a deep interest in.  Contact us, and let's see how we can improve the marketing, distribution, and support of your products, usually for much cheaper than a manufacturer can themselves.