We do more than Marketing and Distribution of Products

We have different services for different overseas manufacturers.  We can help with logistics, defect and return management, and even servicing on some products.  We can do this transparently and anonymously, or actually take responsibility for different aspects under our own name.

We can be your partner in getting your product to millions of American consumers, while giving them assurance they have American contacts when something goes wrong.


We can Solve your Logistics Problems.

Shipping and Receiving will make or break an eCommerce venture.  Having in-house shipping and receiving, and still offering same-day shipping can break the bank, especially during slow seasons when those employees still need to be paid.  We solve this by employing the world's largest distribution network which has the size and buying power to keep costs down.



Even a low return rate can destroy profitability.  And without options, it can even create problems with payment intermediaries.  We can customize the full spectrum of defect and return management services.  Consumers can't reasonably return a product overseas, and we can manage returns and refurbishment locally far more profitably than other options.



Many customers, especially businesses, won't buy a product unless there is local support and repair services.  While some of our distributor agreements don't allow us to get involved in troubleshooting or repairs, often some simple repair services, and local refurbishment certification can avoid discarding or shipping returns back overseas.  And while we have in-house technical abilities, this is also scale-able through relationships with outside shops for overflow.

Next Steps...

Even if you've had successful eCommerce with your own website, let's talk about what challenges you have, and we can see if we can help.