Payment Options

We want to make payment as easy as possible, but because both buyer and seller needs to be protected, it can become complicated.


We recommend payment by PayPal, which protects you as a buyer, as well as us.  However, in order to protect us both, PayPal requires us to only ship to an authorized "confirmed address" to prevent fraud.  Also, they require that we get a signature on any delivery over $1000.  This is sometimes not convenient for buyers, but protects both you and us against fraud and lost/stolen packages.


If you need to ship to a non-confirmed PayPal address, or if nobody would be around for a signature, the only other option is paying via MoneyGram.  With MoneyGram, you can specify in your order any valid address in the USA, and we will ship it.  The delivery person (usually a United States Postal Agent) will deliver by whatever "usual-and-customary" routine they usually use in your town or neighborhood, which may include leaving it at your front door, or giving to a neighbor, or keeping it at the post office for you to pick up in person.  But once the tracking number says this has been delivered to your address, we cannot take responsibility for lost or stolen items, you would have to be responsible. 

To pay via MoneyGram:

  1.     Select your items, and add to your shopping cart
  2.     When checking out, select "MoneyGram"     
  3.     Go to any MoneyGram store (such as any Walmart or CVS)  or online at
  4.     Send the total amount due to "Thomas Jones" in Minnesota and you will receive a "Reference Number"
  5.     Send the "Reference Number" for your payment to 
  6.     We will confirm reference number, and usually ship your purchase within 24 hours.

Email us if you have any problems with this process.


If neither of these work for you, Amazon does have more flexible payment/shipment options, which may work better in your case.  Their sheer size allows them to have special terms with credit card companies and shipping companies to prevent loss and fraud.