Delivery Information

Our Flat-Rate shipping makes sense for you and us:

We think our flat-rate of $12.00 per order works best in the long run, and represents the true cost of shipping and handling rather than pretending you're getting "free shipping" and incorporated costs another way.

For example, the Emlid Reach RS+ Receiver is listed for $787.00, so after the $12.00 shipping, it matches the lowest retail price of $799.00, but allows a bit of a discount if you get several items.  For inexpensive accessories like a cable or antenna, the import costs, tariffs, and other expenses make it impossible to make this available without a shipping fee.

While our prices may seem higher than elsewhere, look closely.  You can't beat our quick delivery without the surprise of a 25% tariff and customs fees. 

How Fast do we Ship?

Unless otherwise noted (such as out of stock items) we usually ship within 24 hours.  And more often than not, our items are stocked at local Amazon warehouses all around the United States, so shipping is fast, even same-day in some markets!  Most often you can get our products in 2-4 days in most of the United States.

Can we offer Express Shipping?:

If you have an urgent need, and really need something ASAP, such as a replacement during a critical project, we may be able to help.  Send us an email at or phone us for such urgent requests.  But also check on Amazon, and see if they offer express shipping for a reasonable fee.   Often Amazon can give much better shipping prices than we can.  Unfortunately, the lithium batteries in the Emlid Reach RS+ can be a problem for air mail, and Amazon insists it always ship by ground.

Can we ship outside of the Continental USA?

At this time, this online store can only ship to the USA, and for some items, such as open-box items, we may not be able to ship to Alaska or Hawaii within a reasonable time.  If you order anything that we can't get to you within the usual 2-4 day shipping period, we'll call and/or email you right away and let you know, giving you the option to cancel.

There are many worldwide dealers elsewhere.  Check "" for authorized dealers.

Other Shipping Restrictions

Unfortunately, because of PayPal charge-back policies, we cannot ship to "incomplete" addresses, such as multiple-dwelling apartments or office buildings without complete apartment or office information that matches the PayPal confirmed address.  But you have to decide for yourself how secure your delivery address is.  Also, PayPal requires that we ship with signature confirmation for items over $750.00.  Many office buildings or apartment complexes will not sign for tenant's deliveries.  We recommend Amazon or paying by Moneygram if you really want to deliver to a hotel, apartment complex, or a friend's address.  If you cannot be there to sign, and need the package left at your door, you can usually make arrangements at carrier's web site (USPS, UPS, or FedEx.)

If you cannot receive package at a PayPal confirmed address, or nobody is there to sign for a package, we'd recommend you consider paying with "MoneyGram" as shown on the Payment Options page.  That would allow you to deliver the shipment at any valid USPS address, but you then accept responsibility for any theft/loss if it is left at the door or with someone else.  This is best if someone will be home to meet the mail person, or you have a secure neighborhood where packages can be left safely.