Introducing the Emlid Reach RS2:

From the company who revolutionized the Surveying and GNSS industries 2 years ago, with the Reach RS and RS+, here comes the next iteration of innovation.  The Reach RS2 is the most advanced and fully integrated solution for centimeter level positioning.  It's both affordable and rivals competitors costing 5 times more.

MULTI-FREQUENCY and MULTI-CONSTELLATION for Fast and Robust RTK fixes, even in challenging environments.

For those who have loved the Emlid Reach RS+, the Reach RS2 is even better:  Multiple Frequency signal reception from all of the major GNSS constellations essentially double the information to get a firm and fast 3-dimensional solution.  Were you tired of waiting 4-10 minutes for a RTK-FIX solution with single frequency receivers?  Wait no more, with FIX speeds a down to a fraction of a minute.   Were you frustrated by overhead branches or nearby buildings affecting your high-precision FIX position?  The RS2 does tremendously better in these challenging locations, and will keep that lock better than a single frequency receiver.

But even more than just multi-frequency reception, this has built in 3G modem, and has an even more rugged package than even the RS+.  Ruber-like "elastomer" protects the receiver from bumps, and a stronger standard 5/8-11 threaded connector on the bottom attaches easily to professinal survey equipment like survey poles and tribrachs.  

This is expected to be shipping in June, 2019.  Stay tuned for a real game changer in GNSS RTK Receivers.

We are a little hesitant to accept pre-orders on this, as delivery dates can't be assured.  Please email us ( if you need additional information.  In the mean time, the Emlid web site at is the best way to get full specifications and features, as well as any updates of delivery dates.

Emlid Reach RS2 Is Coming....

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