The is the Factory Original Emlid Reach RS+ 9-pin connector and cable. 

All 9 pins, plus shielding are carried out the full length. This allows you to supply backup power to the Reach RS+, or draw 5 volt power from the Reach RS+ to supply other circuits, or supply serial data or receive serial data to other devices. 

This appears slightly different from the connector style on the Emlid website, as there is a square grid pattern on the grip. This is because Emlid has changed style since the product was original released. Rest assured, this is the original factory direct part. 

There is no connector on the other end, but DB9 male/female connectors are readily available to customize to your particular need. 

While this looks like a "Lemo style" push-pull connector, which is readily available from other sources, slight differences in depth of the pins and depth of the internal insulator means that other similar appearing connectors will not properly latch. Emlid recommends using this genuine cable to ensure compatibility.

Reach RS+ Cable (2 Meter Without 2nd Connector)

  • Brand: Emlid
  • Product Code: CBL101
  • Availability: 3
  • $31.00

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