Because of the recent Chinese trade dispute, we've had to think "outside of the box."

While we usually only sell on outside web sites, the recent 25% tariffs on Chinese electronics leave extremely narrow margins on the Emlid Reach RS+ Receiver.  Our only options are to sell for well above list price, or violating our usual policy of not selling directly.   To give competitive options, we offer options to purchase a Reach RS+ Receiver from MTP:


Emlid Reach RS+ From Amazon ($849 with free shipping with prime)
Click here to purchase on Amazon, getting the best in the industry ease of purchase, quick shipping, and easy returns if problems.  Your credit card information is protected by Amazon, and we never see it.

$849 w/free shipping for prime


Emlid Reach RS+, paid via PayPal Click here to purchase, payment can be by any major credit card, or via checking account, by PayPal.  This will be shipped by our choice of carrier and usually arrive in 3-4 days.  Your credit card information is protected by PayPal, and you'll still get the fast shipping you need, but it may take up to 1 day longer than through Amazon.  You'll still get a tracking number emailed soon after purchase, and are protected by our great return policy.

$799 + $12 shipping

If you want to order multiple items, or if you are within Minnesota, but have a tax-exempt certificate, please email your needs to us at and we will send you a PayPal invoice with the correct totals, removing tax, or discounting shipping.

In any case, please don't send us banking numbers or credit card information via email.  Only supply such private information to PayPal or Amazon, where your information is secure.