Our Vision:

The internet continues to uproot many large "Brick and Mortar" stores.  But that was just the beginning.  Increasingly, even the the single company online store is becoming obsolete as the large eCommerce sites are making it easier and faster to get a vast array of products with just a few clicks.

American buyers expect finding obscure products quickly, with just a few keystrokes, and having them delivered fast, without effort.

We at MTP know that finding the newest and best value high-tech products can be difficult for consumers, and likewise, it's hard for overseas manufacturers to break into the American market.  When a business needs an item, they need it now, not in a week or two.  We have found that many items are available overseas at much better price than in the USA, but we've seen great products on eBay or elsewhere quoting shipping times of several weeks.  And then after buying an item, we've been surprised by getting a bill three weeks later for an extra tariff or customs brokerage fee.  To make things easier on American consumers, we formed MTP to work with manufacturers overseas, to not only make some great products available here, but to support the inevitable defects or returns, to make this as easy as buying locally.

Our Story

We've worked in various science and technology industries since the mid 1980's.  That was a time when manufacturers needed "Regional Sales Offices" and "Distributor Networks" to support and market a product throughout the country.

The Web in the early 1990's changed things, both by making technical data accessible on the web, but also eCommerce began, amid prevailing wisdom telling America "never buy on the internet, it's not safe!"  While eBay started with selling used merchandise, it began a "Buy it Now" price, which suddenly made it reasonable to sell new items.  And then Amazon diversified from books to just about anything, and it was clear this was far easier than searching for individual small-company websites.  Now it makes much more sense to sell on one of the big 4 eCommerce sites in almost all cases.

But major challenges have become apparent in eCommerce.  How do you return a purchase overseas when the return cost is more than the original purchase?  And how can a manufacturer survive with today's "no questions asked" return policies.  That small return rate can destroy margins.

We support a number of overseas manufacturers in different ways.  We can handle importing and distribution services, sometimes anonymously.  And we can manage returns and troubleshooting.  For some manufacturers, we can provide only logistics and distribution services.  There's not a "one-size-fits-all" answer for each company, and can provide a stateside partner to make your product successful in American markets.

Next Steps...

If you have been contacted by us, we likely already have ideas on how we can help you bring your product to American markets.  Let's talk.